Monday, June 4, 2012

Structural Overhaul


This afternoon I came to the conclusion that the first and the second books should be split into two books each. That's four books. (When I say "books", I'm not talking about novel-sized 300-pagers. I have no idea how long these stories will actually be. I figure they should be long enough to allow good character development, but short enough to get to the point. I'm a very get-to-the-point kind of writer ;)) I rejected that idea for a long time because I couldn't imagine writing an entire story about Georgia. It is so difficult to gather information about a country I have never been to that is not very well known. Plus it takes place during a time of war in a tiny village. Any of those factors will make a story challenging, but all four of them make it extremely daunting. Fortunately, I've come across quite a few Peace Corps volunteers' blogs and videos that show what it is like through the eyes of an American. Those resources have been absolutely invaluable. I'm not sure if a lot more information has become available about Georgia since 2010 or if I've just gotten better at googling. Maybe both.

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