Thursday, August 18, 2011

Progress at last

I'm getting tired of relying on other people's artwork to illustrate my own, so I took a stab at drawing a heavenly scene. This isn't exactly how it's going to be described in part 2 since the heaven I'm creating is very bubbly--literally the columns are like prism glass, if you can imagine that. ;-) Anyway, that's way too hard for me to try to draw, so I went with a kind of cream color. A white with a light blue shading would have done better, but I'm a beginner, so give me a break. :-P

This is a very small fraction of what will be described, but it's an idea at least. I wanted to do something more nebula-like at the top, but also lacked the skills there.

In other news, I wrote more yesterday, but it was part two because that's where my heart has been lately. I don't want those good ideas to go to waste just because it's a part I haven't technically started on yet. It will all be ironed out in the end anyway. I've started labeling sections of the story like "B003" so I don't have to worry about having two different parts on the same page.

I've also added a new character who will be in at least two of the parts. Not sure about his fate yet. I thought about doing a coin toss to decide, but I have a feeling I would just do whatever I want anyway.

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