Saturday, January 7, 2012

Merchant Prince - Updated Entry

Edit: I decided to add a bit of the text I wrote today, Tuesday, to add to this post, which was originally done on Saturday. Yes, this is the climax of the 2nd part (which may be the 3rd, depending on how I have to cut it.) but this is something I just can't keep locked away. 


Before taking time to write today, I came across a fan video for the game Assassin's Creed. The music they used is by an instrumental band I'm already familiar with called Two Steps from Hell. They do music for movies and trailers. I hadn't heard this particular track before (Merchant Prince) and I haven't stopped listening to it since. If it's not on my mp3 player, it's stuck in my head. I hear it before I go to bed and I hear it when I wake up. Then I choose to turn on the song and listen to it some more. =D

That first day I heard it, I went out on my porch to write, knowing this song was probably going to impede my progress. I decided maybe I could use it to help me write Part 2, the part that deals with the end of the world. Nothing was coming to mind except what was in the video I had watched, so I just sat and watched the sunset and just let myself dream for a bit.

Like discovered treasure, all these images started coming and I couldn't even write them down fast enough. The beginning of the song made me think of the losses that are going to come in the end, but then when the music became this really bittersweet melody I pictured Christ returning and the final fight with Satan.

I can't even put into words how this song makes me feel. It makes me so incredibly happy, but then it's like it comes around full circle into sadness. When I began picturing Christ's return and all that encompasses it in the story, it was like unlocking something precious and I cried. I actually cried over an epic piece of trailer music. I've cried more than once over this little beauty. That's how you can tell that something has really touched me.

So you want to hear it? Part of what I wrote is below it (as much as you can read without spoilers). If it seems choppy, that's because I'm skipping parts you can't read yet. ;-)) I have also put markers where certain parts of the story coincide with the music. It does take longer to read than it does for the song to get to the next part, so you may need to play the song again. Also something you should Jesus character is a little Altair-ish (the main guy in the video at the bottom). Yeah, didn't get influenced too much ;-) *sarcasm*. Not the killing, just the general authority and presence and youthfulness that he brings. He was only 33, you remember.

0:00 -- Marie saw before her the crumbling ruins of the city she once knew and thought of those she had known who were buried under it...Her heart was heavy. She allowed her knees to sink to the ground and watched the chaos around her. This wasn't how she thought it would be. Heaven was so beautiful and peaceful. She thought the peace would follow her to earth and she could share it with those who were suffering. Instead she began to suffer with them and could only provide what little wisdom she had acquired out of all there was to know and understand. None of this made sense. There were angels to guard and the Holy Spirit to guide. Why were they even there?

She felt a strange trembling beneath her. Something was happening... 

1:00 -- There was a light in the sky, moving fast like a comet, brighter than anything she had ever seen, even in heaven. It seemed to encompass the entire sky, lighting the world just like the dawn. The clouds put on their best clothes and the mountains literally bowed! 

His valiant white horse rode with power beneath Him, dressed in deep purple and silver, a mane like fire. The King was pure beauty itself, comparable to nothing that had ever been or ever would be. We were made for Him. Everything we've ever loved was our hearts crying out for His Presence, and at last He had come.  

1:12 -- Her face was to the dirt in reverence, beaming in pride. When she looked up, He had come around to her, a broad smile on His face. Her heart leapt within her, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks. 1:19 -- This was the One she loved; her friend, her brother, her husband. He had died for her, fought before The Almighty on her behalf, and worked all of her life to bring her to this moment. She had lived in His Holy City for ten years...and she was reduced to tears of rapture. How much more wonderful for those who were seeing for the first time! 

1:30 -- He dismounted swiftly and pulled her up off the ground. His arms hung at His sides, the stance of a King. She waited, knowing something was going to happen. He simply closed His eyes. 1:35 -- An enormous power began to flow through Him, His mouth opened slightly and His forehead creased. In a few instants, the area was filled with people, their clothes like those Marie remembered wearing in heaven. He had raised them to immortality. His love had conquered after all. Now there was just one more thing to do... 

1:41 -- The remainder of the song is dedicated to Jesus and Satan's final battle, if you can call it a battle. It's more like a one-sided butt whooping. ;)

Rough, to say the least, but that's basically how I roll. I just let the words flow and I'll worry about arranging them better later.

The Assassin's Creed fan video that features the song. Don't ask me why it's showing Altair's backside from one of the fight scenes. o.o I don't think you get a choice about what the thumbnail shows when you upload something onto Youtube. 

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