Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Know the Plans I Have for You

12:32pm - The list of 'coincidences' keeps growing. Just yesterday my brother's fiancé met someone from Georgia working at Salvation Army. Seriously, what are the odds? To let you in on a little secret, the person my Georgian boy is based on, got lost in a foreign city and met someone from Georgia. That was a pretty impressive incident, and gets me really stoked about maybe going over and meeting this lady. I just never thought there would be someone to study so close to home. It's really hard to write about a place I've never been to, and I never considered that the culture of Georgia could be studied in my own hometown. At least, in part. The possibilities and opportunities from this are endless. I wonder how God can use us for his purposes. I really believe God has a plan in this story...I just don't know what it is yet. 

3:15pm - It's amazing that when you ask for God's help and guidance, He really delivers! I knew I hadn't prayed yet today so I decided to read a little of Our Daily Bread before getting into the shower. Somehow I'm most active mentally in the shower and I thought it would be good to have a fresh dose of God's word in there first. This is an amazing testament of God's perfect timing as well because I'd been asking Him to help me with the story. If you're going to write about someone's city or country, it's best to talk to a resident, right? Why would you dare to write a story about heaven without asking God all about it? The portion I read today was Acts 1:1-11, which talks about Jesus' resurrection and ascension into heaven. I'd been reading a lot of great stuff lately, but nothing directly related to heaven. So I thought that was pretty exciting. It's also worth noting that I've been experiencing some spiritual warfare in the form of dreams and that can only mean I'm doing the right thing. It's fun to make the evil side displeased. ;-) 

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