Thursday, September 30, 2010

Abide in Me

 A couple of nights ago I found out that I can sit on the screened-in front porch and stare up at the moon. My mother put a bed out there so that she could nap in the sunshine. I used it to lay under the stars and enjoy some good ole quiet time.  That's when I got to thinking about life and death and heaven and all that. Obviously, or I wouldn't be writing any of this.

It's really tough to figure out exactly what salvation is and how it works. As I lay there the words "abide in me" came to mind. I know that when we accept Jesus into our hearts, He comes in. I never really understood what that meant. I always pictured him reclining in a chair or something when he said 'I am always with you'. Lately I had this realization that maybe He's inside us, just like He said He would be. I think that's because it's always easier for us to picture an imaginary friend than to know that something other than us is inside. If you tried to explain that to someone who didn't believe, they'd think it's like possession, which I suppose is correct. 

So what happens when you die, then? If we abide in Christ, then maybe He literally carries us with Him, like a kind of oneness, since He also said He lives in us. Interesting, no?

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