Monday, October 25, 2010

Random musings on an autumn night

Last night's thoughts at around 5 or 6pm. 

Autumn has a unique smell, different from summer in that the scent of green leaves has faded to colorful, dying ones. The cicadas have all gone, their absence filled by early evening crickets. The wind seems to pick up, almost in an eerie sense, howling around doorways and windows. The trees thin out and their emptiness becomes more and more evident with each passing day. Suddenly the sky seems huge! The setting sun accentuates the auburn colors and turns even the strongest heart melancholy, as the days shorten and the bleak winter comes, where golden lights seem the cheeriest thing ever seen. All these seasons, always changing...but what would spring be without winter? Would the fresh, green grass be as delightful if it had never once been hidden beneath the snow? Would your heart long for the sounds of summertime evenings if it'd never tasted the bittersweet silence of January? Would heaven be as wonderful without earth to precede it?

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