Friday, October 1, 2010

The Beginning of the End

Today I started writing. I don't have nearly enough research done to write anything but those specific scenes that have become ingrained in my head over the past several months. As much as I would love to post the page and a half that I wrote this morning, it does contain a spoiler. I have a feeling the majority of the book is going to be like that. But I can't have my readers knowing every twist and turn, now can I? I was struggling with knowing what kind of voice to use, so I just went with third person because it came more naturally than the others. Also since my main girl character is so much like me--(shh!)--I decided not to do a first person perspective. So my hard work is finally showing itself in my writing! The research has really helped me to visualize things and be able to clearly see what's happening in my head. I just wish my grammar and punctuation were better.

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