Monday, August 30, 2010

The Characters

Original Wordpress post date: 8.12.10

David (meaning: Beloved)
Determined. Hopeless Romantic. Warm and compassionate. Patient and tolerant. Wise and witty. Very intelligent. Do or die attitude. Inquisitive and intuitive. Faithful friend. Sharp thinker. Likes to enjoy life to the fullest. Easy going. Attractive personality. Very generous. Ambitious, wanting to achieve a lot in life.

Nikki (meaning: Victory of the People)
Craves personal expression. Generally enjoys life. Very high creative and inspirational tendencies. Outstanding self-expression, regardless of field. Strives for organization and predictable order. Very ambitious. Sensitive nature. Gets jealous and angry easily. Attention seeker. Very generous. Strong character. Observant. Caring and loving.

Clever, quick, analytical mind, excellent capacity to study and learn really deep and difficult subjects. Interested in deeper aspects of life. Searches for hidden truth, pursues knowledge with vigor. Operates on a different wavelength. Can be a perfectionist. Very logical and rational approach to things. Inner turbulence because of the inability to say what they mean. Easier to express thoughts and feelings through writing. Enjoys literature, poetry, and turns to ideals when misunderstood, retreating for periods to be alone. Likes to dream and more comfortable in circumstances that tolerate reservation. Somewhat timid with strangers.

P.S. I'm thinking of naming her Charlotte instead. It means free, which I think fits the story better. Plus, Charlotte is just stuck in my head. Yet the picture seems to fit Nikki better. I'm torn. Any advice?

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