Monday, August 30, 2010

A Different Kind of Nature Preserve

Original Wordpress post date: 8.7.10

A few days ago we had a very brief shower, the sun coming out afterward. It struck me how beautiful the world can be when the grass sparkles and rainbows form. Will the new earth have these wonders preserved? What about thunderstorms? They're one of the most exciting things in all of nature, but they are the result of conflict. It doesn't make sense to have conflict in a world of peace and endless joy. Does that mean everything in nature that is a result of conflict should be thrown out? One book I read theorized that God doesn't just destroy what He says is good. It's a very complicated subject, obviously, and that's just one of the millions of things I have to figure out--which is why I'm leaving that part for last. It gives me a lot of time to mill over it. Any thoughts?

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