Monday, August 30, 2010

Quiet Time

Original Wordpress post date: 8.26.10

We went camping this past weekend. It was a really emotional time for me. I can't even put into words all of the thoughts that have raced through my mind with everything I've seen and done. Melancholy is a good word for what it was. Being in the wilderness makes me think of God and life and what all that means. I know there's so much waiting in this life's not all about heaven. I learned this weekend (not in the woods but in the book I'm reading) that sometimes only in pain can beautiful things happen.

On the way home I saw these puffy clouds far off in the distance, directly opposite the sun. It made me sad to see them because I wanted so much to be able to go up and sit on them or just somehow be closer to them. I hate these physical limitations we have now. People are so ambitious to do more and more and more, but I just want things that can't be achieved at all, let alone yet.

All the same, it was so good to be out away from the city where I could feel God a little bit better. For some it's doing lots of adventurous stuff and taking advantage of the summer, but its just so good for my soul to sit back and look at the sky or take a walk in the woods. I don't have to have a lot, just quiet and peacefulness.
The trip got me thinking about a few things, one of them being fire. Will there be fire on the new earth? I think what I'm going to do is go with one simple answer for all: everything good will be preserved, and everything bad will be destroyed. Sounds simple enough...but is fire good or bad? *Headache*

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