Monday, August 30, 2010

Where Are You?

Original Wordpress post date: 8.20.10

Where are you? 

Are you up with the moon?
Are you sailing above the sea?
Are you friends with the stars,
Or high in the trees?

When the sun comes up,
Can you see it from there?
What about planets and comets
And what the angels wear?

Do you see flowers and clouds
And mist on your feet?
Or castles and towers,
Built high o'er the street?

Can you dance and sing
And speak every tongue?
Do the old and weak
Really look like the young?

I see that star
when I look out at night
I named it for you
Now that you're with the light

Those wonders and joys
I've come to adore
Now that we share them
I love them much more

When life has gone
And I breathe no more
I hope to see you,
There on that shore.

I can't wait to hear you,
speaking so clear
Never did I think
That you'd be so dear

Deep in my heart;
There you will stay
On I'll go living
Until that glad day. 

This is something I wrote tonight when I looked out at the stars and the moon. It took a bit of thought to get the rhyming, but for the most part, it just flowed freely. This one thought has stuck with me all day: Where did they go? I guess this is something I needed to express, so here it is.

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