Monday, August 30, 2010

From Rags to Riches

Original Wordpress post date: 8.2.10

Hello, Monday! I kind of dropped everything I was doing to go on this trip, so it's nice to get back to working on my story.

There's this one scene that I absolutely adore, and I really should make some artwork to depict it. It takes place after the children of God rise from their graves. I imagined them coming out in rags, then as they see that Christ has come back they move towards the light. When the light hits them, the rags begin to flake off, revealing white gowns underneath (maybe not gowns for the guys, but you get the idea).
As the scene progresses, Jesus is seen clearer and clearer and they begin to run to him. My ideas are all timed out to this song: My Name is Lincoln.

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