Saturday, January 22, 2011

If the Chinese immigrant says it's true...

You will become an accomplished writer. 

This is the fortune I got in my fortune cookie last night.  The ones I get always seem to match my life. Do people who can't read get fortunes like this one? It's like the magic 8-ball. Totally random, but kind of fun to see. =)


  1. You know what...As a means of evangelism, we should put Bible texts in people's fortune cookies! Though somehow, I think people are not going to like that :D

    Someone I used to know - she suffered and died from cancer - had "a carrot a day, keeps the doctor away..." in her fortune cookie... Random can be kind of harsh too 0_0;

  2. =( That's not really a fortune...more like random advice. Why carrot? I thought it was an apple.

  3. Who knows? Maybe more people like carrots than they do apples, ehehe.

    I think my fortune was something like "You will have many friends who will love you". Which I guess sort of happened, but wouldn't want to put my hope in random texts I get from my food :P